Tuna Alley

  • Tuna Alley

    Tuna Alley

    Enjoy an unforgettable experience of the ocean predators with a school of sardines. Tuna alley is located in Donsol, where you can find better dive site to stay around.

    Imagine Tuna Alley as a mini version of Africa’s sardine run. Reef sharks feeding on the tuna and Tuna feeding on sardines; Tuna Alley comes from the scores of tuna regularly found schooling along the reef. Divers may encounter a shark or a reef and loggerhead into the deep blue water; a great place to start adventures and observe the variety of marine life.

    Location: Ticao Island, Sorsogon
    Current: Mild
    Visibility: 10 to 18 meters
    Depth: 25 meters

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